welcome to our sweet life

i am a wife to hubby. we have been married 36 years. we have three kiddos and nine grankiddos all under the age of nine. yep you read that right! we share our home with my aging parents and the journey with their health issues. one not so small dog mollie who runs our house. we live in a sweet little town in the mtn. canyon in so cali. i like to call it mayberry or sometimes it can be the twilight zone. my favorite time of day is the morning having coffee in the fresh air. nights when hubby gets home grabbing a glass of wine or a cold beer and chillin with the birds.  come back often and catch up on our sweet life together to see whats cooking.


1 Response to welcome to our sweet life

  1. puddinggirl says:

    I bump into your blog via SITS. I am on SITS too. I always get excited when there are fellow WordPress bloggers on SITS. I hope we can be friends virtually. I love your posts by the way. I will be following you from now on! 🙂

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