Just another day in the canyon powerless


Someone smacked a pole about 12:30 am. Hope they were ok. But here we are at 4:00 pm powerless. Well except for the hum of the generators. The price we pay for paradise. Worth all of it. Well the coffee was a little slow this am.

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One of those days

The day was off to a brisk start. Normal kind of day for me. Crawl out of bed, smack the portable heater as it is chilly in our room. As I try to sneak off to pee yep I said pee! I try to avoid waking the beast Maxx. If my pic would upload you can see him. Vision a 56 lb 5 1/2 mo German Shepherd puppy that sounds like scooby doo.
No luck I can hear his chain rattle as he begins his streching scooby noise. Then imagine Mollie the dogs fear as she heard that too. Maxx loves Mollie again vision a cockerpoo sleeping on my bed all snuggled under her favorite blanket. Maxx likes to pounce on the edge of the bed and she is not happy.( we are imagining because my pics won’t upload ) Fights on and I have not even brushed my teeth. Uggg ok round up Maxx and outside is a great place so I can make coffee a warm fire and wake the heck up.

Today two major things to get down in the flatland. I call leaving the canyon that cuz it is an hour round trip when your ready to be home.

Dad had follow up with urologist for tests which turned out good no major health issue. Except if you remember back in the fall he had a scare and all the visit point to the same thing. Gotta lose major lbs. Ok tell that to an 80 yr old man who keeps hearing that from everyone. I will keep it to myself here but I will say one thing. I made some yummy brownies me bad my Hubby can enjoy them that is fairs. Oops off topic sorry, thank Pioneer Women for the recipe Yum, anyway I went to grab some water guess who had a huge brownie and one for mom. I lost my cool told him he is on his own. That’s all for now!

On to my next task which was AAA to register the car. Now it is due today and I am sure most people would have not waited till the last day. I live by this rule when it comes to taxes and DMV they will not give me interest on my $$$ so thou shall not pay before due date.

I get to AAA get in their little line and the lady in front of me gets half way through her transaction and the computer system with DMV is down. A glitch. Really I stood there thinking I pay for this. Ok employees are great scan our cards tell us we can wait it may come back or it could be statewide . Yep you guessed it statewide. Ok got comfy, pulled out phone and started pinning on pineterst. A parade of people came through appears I am not the only one who wait till last day. One hour later the suit man comes manager. DMV AAA problem. Told all listening if it does not come back he will waive fees for me to comeback tomorrow. Ok no idea how long and disappears. By now I am not sure what to do. The lady at counters says they can’t do that only he can. He is in meeting.booo I say I think their was fifty of us waiting getting ready to go occupy AAA on them. Two and a half hours more one my new friends said she tried the DMV they would not take any new people. She marched up to nice clerk and explained again what her boss said and finally they copied our stuff gave us a card verifying fees waived. All is good in AAA land we will see in am.

Yep another trip down the hill. Maybe my iPhone will decide to let me insert pics cuz Maxx and Mollie love to wake me up that way, it is almost groundhog day.. Did I mention that feels like it.

Do you procrastinate on that kind of thing and lastly bringing up dad. Help if you have time go back and read about his illness.

Thanks for hanging in there got all wordy but must have needed to vent.
Stay tuned for our adorable furbaby pics.


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Took a huge step for me

Wow today I stepped up and did something for me! Yep I said me.. I surprised myself.

I have been struggling with me lately. Who am I. I am a wife, mom, grandma, care giver to my parents and two furr babies. I have always taken care of everyone just happens.

Latetly I have been struggling with me. I live in chronic pain from a failed (several) failed back surgeries. I have a spinal cord stimulator that was not working right so part of it was surgically removed. Major bummer that I think sent me into a funk.

I still have to deal with all of home life and bringing up mom and dad. Yikes I need off.

Today I went to small group and met the nicest ladies who share the some of my challenges. Caregiving of parents! Now I have never been a real church going girl. I pray and believe in Jesus. I don’t attend our church regularly, but I love it when we attend.

I can still be the same person, like Miranda Lambert sing ” Jesus drinks wine” I love wine! I felt so happy with these ladies today and yes I left the wine at home. They were there to give support to us without judgement. I love it.

Did I say I have never done this before. Well I will say it again. I felt a sisterhood I never felt before. I will keep you posted on the journey to find me.

What journey have you jumped into lately?

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My Grandkiddo needs to go to Camp please..

Today I am writing this post, so I can give my grandaughter a chance to be a kid at summer camp. You may have seen her in of my few posts. Maddie is part of the girltourage and the oldest of the girls. It would so wonderful for her to win. “I am entering to win a session of summer camp for a child at Catalina Island Camps from the SITSGirls.”

How fun would it be for her to go away with her BFF and be a kid. Let me give you a bit of the backstory on our girl. Maddie is our first granddaughter and the oldest of her family. She has four sisters, ranging in ages six,three and two. Maddie mom and dad are teacher’s on a teachers budgets. Summer camp is way out of their budget. The girls do attend Vacation Bible Study in the summer and that is a treat. Back to Maddie. She is a great student, loves Jesus, her family and me of course.

When Maddie was born, my daughter and her husband came to live with us for awhile. It helped them financially and I gladly took care of her. I enjoyed every moment. We got to share in her first year of life and that bond is special. Maddie and I love our fun time when she comes to visit and we share a cup of Joe.. (lots of Moo little coffee) and conversation.

Maddie is a great help to her family, with three younger sisters she helps her parents out. Keeping an eye on the babies, changing a diaper or two, reading a story or just snuggling a sad sister. Maddie is also a good student, she gets good grades and has strong values, thanks to mom and dad.

I think that she will enjoy all the actvities Catalina Island Summer camp has to offer, She loves boating a family activity they do in summer. I am not sure she has been snorkeling, that would be awesome. Outdoor cooking is right down her alley, we live in the canyon and garden and cook outside too. Crafting is what she loves to do.

I did some home work when visiting the site. CatalinaIslandcamps.com sold me there. Medical Staff trained they strive to make Kids Resilient. I though back to when her mommie went to camp in sixth grade and it was Catalina. I was a lucky parent who went along to help the teachers. How fun for her to go to someplace we visited at one point in our lives.

I hope this cutie has a chance I know she will make the best of her experience and it is a surprise. It would be great to give her a best birthday present that we celebrate in June.

Lastly thanks to everyone involved who put this together to give an adventure of a lifetime. I thank you.

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If You Give a Mom a Baby…

If you give a Mom a baby she will cry with joy and fear..

If you give a Mom a baby  it will eat, grow and snuggle into your heart…

If you give a Mom a Baby you will laugh, love and cry…

If  you give a Mom a Baby it will turn terrible two…

If you give a Mom a Baby it will become a kindergartener who is a little more independent..

If you give a Mom a Baby you will love first grade all day  school..

If you give a Mom a Baby it will learn to ride a bike, fall, cry get back on the bike and ride..

If you give a Mom a baby they turn into teenagers, they still cry and need lots of hugs…

If you give a Mom a baby they go to High School, graduate go to college and you cry and need hugs while your baby drives away…

If you give a Mom a baby they get to college and cry that same cry when you first held them, but nurture them to be brave thru the tears.

If you give a Mom a Baby they fall in love.. they meet their soul mate and you cry…

If you give a Mom a Baby they get married and start a life of their own.. you both cry and hug and cry as your baby drives away to their future.

If you give a Mom a Baby  you become a grandma and you cry as you hold that bundle of yum that started way back when two people fell in love..

If you give a Grandma a cookie she will share it with joy with our babies.

I dedicate this to my three children who are the light of my life. My husband because two people fell in love 38 years ago. I also am excited to welcome grand baby number 10 in the end of summer.


Mama Kat’s writing prompt If you give a … Thank you Mama Kat



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Trip down memory lane

It was a trip down memory lane today. Hubby and I went to his dads to pick up a load of firewood. We visited and surprised him with great grandpas girltourage. I love going there the memories flow. Hubby mom has been gone for twenty years or so. I miss her. She would be so excited to have so many grandbabies.

The girls were excited to see where grandma and grandpa hung out. We chatted with their mommy about fun times we shared at the house. How she used to eat lemon grass and loved sitting by the fire.
It reminded me of dating my Hubby. We hung out in the garage. I watched him fix stuff just like now. Ha

Good memories but sadly not one stich of the holidays were there. I felt bad for my father in law. The house is still the same. My mother in laws room she spent her final days the same. He made a comment as we teased him. His girlfriend was at Rose Hills. That’s love.

This is what our love has given us. knowledge that marriage is forever. Family is our bond and link to the future. Our family is growing so exciting. Next summer we will be blessed with another grandchild number ten. We are very blessed. Everytime I hear “The House that built me” by Miranda Lambert. I go back to the roots we were at today. I am grateful we still can share it with our family.




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Yuck I can not eat that

When I was a kid my mom would always try to trick me! I was not a picky eater but she could make me one.

We did not have a lot of money and my parents came from the same upbringing . Humm is that a word ha.

There are two things she tried get me to eat. SPAM in a can and carrots burnt in brown sugar. Oops I just got a little gagging going on thinking of that yummy dinner.


I think she might be trying to talk my grandkido into trying it.

SPAM was dressed up like a ham dinner. Pineapple brown sugar yummy right. For a thrill I got it grilled. But hold on there is more how about in eggs. Yummy got you so excited. Let's move on to those carrots burnt by all the brown sugar always. Gag I can never eat a cooked carrot. Ever


These are my angels eating Ham and corn not one ounce of spam will touch their lips in our home.
No disrespect to SPAM.

Happy Holidays everyone.


Ho Ho Ho

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