One of those days

The day was off to a brisk start. Normal kind of day for me. Crawl out of bed, smack the portable heater as it is chilly in our room. As I try to sneak off to pee yep I said pee! I try to avoid waking the beast Maxx. If my pic would upload you can see him. Vision a 56 lb 5 1/2 mo German Shepherd puppy that sounds like scooby doo.
No luck I can hear his chain rattle as he begins his streching scooby noise. Then imagine Mollie the dogs fear as she heard that too. Maxx loves Mollie again vision a cockerpoo sleeping on my bed all snuggled under her favorite blanket. Maxx likes to pounce on the edge of the bed and she is not happy.( we are imagining because my pics won’t upload ) Fights on and I have not even brushed my teeth. Uggg ok round up Maxx and outside is a great place so I can make coffee a warm fire and wake the heck up.

Today two major things to get down in the flatland. I call leaving the canyon that cuz it is an hour round trip when your ready to be home.

Dad had follow up with urologist for tests which turned out good no major health issue. Except if you remember back in the fall he had a scare and all the visit point to the same thing. Gotta lose major lbs. Ok tell that to an 80 yr old man who keeps hearing that from everyone. I will keep it to myself here but I will say one thing. I made some yummy brownies me bad my Hubby can enjoy them that is fairs. Oops off topic sorry, thank Pioneer Women for the recipe Yum, anyway I went to grab some water guess who had a huge brownie and one for mom. I lost my cool told him he is on his own. That’s all for now!

On to my next task which was AAA to register the car. Now it is due today and I am sure most people would have not waited till the last day. I live by this rule when it comes to taxes and DMV they will not give me interest on my $$$ so thou shall not pay before due date.

I get to AAA get in their little line and the lady in front of me gets half way through her transaction and the computer system with DMV is down. A glitch. Really I stood there thinking I pay for this. Ok employees are great scan our cards tell us we can wait it may come back or it could be statewide . Yep you guessed it statewide. Ok got comfy, pulled out phone and started pinning on pineterst. A parade of people came through appears I am not the only one who wait till last day. One hour later the suit man comes manager. DMV AAA problem. Told all listening if it does not come back he will waive fees for me to comeback tomorrow. Ok no idea how long and disappears. By now I am not sure what to do. The lady at counters says they can’t do that only he can. He is in meeting.booo I say I think their was fifty of us waiting getting ready to go occupy AAA on them. Two and a half hours more one my new friends said she tried the DMV they would not take any new people. She marched up to nice clerk and explained again what her boss said and finally they copied our stuff gave us a card verifying fees waived. All is good in AAA land we will see in am.

Yep another trip down the hill. Maybe my iPhone will decide to let me insert pics cuz Maxx and Mollie love to wake me up that way, it is almost groundhog day.. Did I mention that feels like it.

Do you procrastinate on that kind of thing and lastly bringing up dad. Help if you have time go back and read about his illness.

Thanks for hanging in there got all wordy but must have needed to vent.
Stay tuned for our adorable furbaby pics.



About oursweetlifetogether

married to my high school sweet heart for 35 yrs, three children and nine grandchildren. hint child bride, we love our dog mollie. i enjoy cooking, the outdoors,crafts blahh blahh blahh.I love life. i guess that is why we live in a little canyon in the mts. i have a crazy life that i love. hold grab a glass enjoy the ride.
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4 Responses to One of those days

  1. My mobile site has not been posting a miracle working again

  2. Cindee says:

    Well guess the pics worked yeah furr baby to follow soon

  3. Chasing-joy says:

    I don’t really procrastinate when it comes to car stuff. It took me 3 tries to pass my driver’s test and I am paranoid about anything that could cause me to lose i.

    • Thanks for visiting! I left the smog to hubby. Humm bad idea. I guess I will start a month earlier on getting him to take it next time lol. I am sure he never expected it to not pass smog it is not that old. Oh well lesson learned.

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