aging sucks raising mom and dad part 2

Sorry I have been away to update on dad. thank you for all your well wishes. the day i posted that post was a normal day.  i always wait till mom and dad are awake before i run my errands. on that wed the wound care pa was coming so we were happy. finally after a month they were coming. i will save that for another day. i ran down the hill for some groceries and stuff. it was on my journey that I got the call.

dr. called told me to get my dad to ER asap.. blood count was 6.6 it should be in 13 ok low is 10, stunned i gathered my thoughts pulled together and drove up the hill to gather the mom and dad. i had to have the brave face when i walked in door.

ok as my heart is in my throat i began calmly cuz that is the kinda of person i am in a crisis. we gathered all his meds list. first mistake, not so current and his 5 mg was 5 meg what?? he must have been watching sleepless in seattle. gathered his  comfy clothes ,sleep mask and of course mom. gave the mollie the dog some love. headed to hospital.

this is where the blur kinda begins, but kudos to the er triage nurse she was right on. called him right in ask for med list bravo i had it, that is where she pointed out no such dose as meg,  (i am sure that movie was on) . took all vitals and i suggested i would call pharmacy to see correct doses.  we only waited a short while thanks to his great dr, calling ahead and he was 4 ltr low.

dr parade began, questions  more questions etc, this is where i am so glad i am here. i even took paper and pen to jot down notes and questions. he was whisked away quickly  for important test stat and as soon as he returned more pokes and test. end result after waiting in a very nice private er room, dad needs blood stat. we need to admit. ok i forgot to tell you we got there at four pm and it is now eight o’clock. we can move him as soon as a room is available. yeah not so fast it was 2 am by the time we got to a room.

he received his blood which takes four hours to go per unit.. luckily the blood arrived at 10 pm so he was already almost done when we got in room.  remember i have my mom all this time, luckily i was able to bring some snacks with us. you know what happens the minute you leave, the dr comes. (she is diabetic dementia/alzheimer) she did great.

now dad is safely upstairs in room i can leave right wrong, the questions again, he should know the answers, but memory loss goes along with his low blood count, his nurse was so awesome, she made him comfy got his meds and what I like to call his bloody mary drip. headed home about 2:45am yep long day? I got home just in time to send hubby off to work.

end result for now dad had all those lovely test. no GI cancer present, ooh i got to watch that test, heart and lungs good. he took 4 units of blood that only got hemoglobin to 10.8 which is still low but safe. so now we go home follow-up with the scary dr. hemotolgist /oncologists on the 20th. walking in that office made my heart drop to pick up papers. so for now we wait, watch for symptoms which will send us back to dr stat.

my children all came on sat when dad was sent home, my son even came from havasu. the house was filled with children’s toys, happy noise, happy fights and food that my sister helped to bring a nice day that would have been perfect if my brother had happened to show up… For now I will not worry about it. upsets the parents

sorry i tried to upload pics but my iPhone  (me i think) would not work so i will save for wordless wed.


About oursweetlifetogether

married to my high school sweet heart for 35 yrs, three children and nine grandchildren. hint child bride, we love our dog mollie. i enjoy cooking, the outdoors,crafts blahh blahh blahh.I love life. i guess that is why we live in a little canyon in the mts. i have a crazy life that i love. hold grab a glass enjoy the ride.
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10 Responses to aging sucks raising mom and dad part 2

  1. Michael says:

    You are amazing.

    • MJ thank you i think it is my time to give back. I may grumble alot but we must take of our parents when they need us. It is hard to watch a person that was your rock become dependent on things. They are our super Heros right! Thanks for your support. Next week oncology/hematology answers I pray

  2. so sorry to hear about this struggle you are going through. The dr parade is a wonderful way to say it, so true. thoughts are with you.


    • Thank you for reading. It has been busy around here I apologize for being late responding. We go this week to hemotologist. I appreciate your kind words. on to next dr parade let’s hope he has answers.

  3. Mommy2¢ says:

    I’m all too familiar with how draining the dr parade can be. Hang in there girl! You can tell you’re a strong person!! 🙂


  4. Sorry to hear that life has been so heavy lately. 😦

  5. Chasing Joy says:

    I’m glad your dad is ok. It sounds like you have a lot of stress in your life. I’m glad you have your blog.

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