where were you when the world changed 9/11

Today is a day to reflect. I always think of “Alan Jackson’s song” our world has changed so much on that tragic day. i can picture it so vividly.

My Hubby goes to work so early and that day I was wide awake. We live on west coast so it was early. I flipped on the ch 7 east coast feed. Again something I normally do not do. Made myself some coffee and watch New York GMA live. I planned to get a lot done that day.

As I watched it happened right before my eyes. it was something to see New York live. I thought at first it was a crazy accident. The sky was so blue I knew it could not be.Then the next plane came as a shadow that I knew it was no accident.

My heart jumped sank and I had no idea what to think except I needed to hear my Hubby voice. I called to inform him he had no idea. He was at work he took a look around and no one was in his shop. Everyone was upstairs watching their little tv in silence. My next calls were to my children I need to hear their voices.

Then it struck me my brother in law. He worked in LA for Marsh & McLlean however he traveled all the time to New York. After what seemed like a lifetime we found out he was in LA. He was quite shaken as he lost so many friends and colleagues. Fate he was to go that week.

Today as I watched the Ch 7 GMA with their remembrance . I was quite the mess it was so vivid in my mind once again. I was touched by the music, the children reading names and commenting about how they had their mom’s smile, their dads laugh I felt a solemn sadness for everyone. I also felt a peace of how these Heroes stepped forward and made a life. A life that I am not sure I could have. One survivor said she lived every day for being blessed to have her family. That she could hold and squeeze her grandchild. Courage.

Today we went to the 9/11 memorial at my daughters church. Ten years ago I did not have a granddaughter who was singing in the choir honoring the memory of fallen heroes. I wept again,was a mess but had a feeling of happiness that I am able to hug her and all the rest of my little angels.

I thank the men and women who give their lives for our safety and I thank God for blessing us and keeping us safe and for our family. I am truly blessed.

Where were you on the day that changed time?



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married to my high school sweet heart for 35 yrs, three children and nine grandchildren. hint child bride, we love our dog mollie. i enjoy cooking, the outdoors,crafts blahh blahh blahh.I love life. i guess that is why we live in a little canyon in the mts. i have a crazy life that i love. hold grab a glass enjoy the ride.
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20 Responses to where were you when the world changed 9/11

  1. Someone I knew was in one of the planes that hit- very scary. That day I spent hours glued to the TV in horror…
    visiting from comment hour

  2. I was in Times Square. It was an eerie day to be a New Yorker. It’s still so hard to believe that ten years have passed by since that awful day.

  3. Kasey says:

    What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing. I was a senior in high school at the time, sitting in my first hour class, when the teacher came in and told us what happened.

  4. Beautiful words – I had a story of that day published in Chicken Soup for the Soul of America, commemorating 9/11. I’ll link to it here for you… it tells a lot of what I was doing/thinking/feeling in California, while across the country we were all mourning for how life would never be again.

    Just popping in from #commenthour!

    • Thank you Julie, I am so glad you lived it. I was looking for your link can you re send it to me. I was excited to see your comment, Our world is changing and it is hard to keep up. We will all be united by that day. I will never forget.

  5. Trish says:

    I believe the best way to honor those who died on September 11, 2001 is to get on with our lives and live them. Great post.

    • thank you so much for visiting. i totally agree with that Trish. you nailed it, but as I watched coverage one man who lost his daughter in the disaster. he later divorced his wife as they grew unconnected and his only son turned to drugs. so sad, but he said he was pulling it together. trying to move forward. moving forward must be hard. thanks again!

  6. Chasing Joy says:

    I was in college then. And that is the one day I can remember leaving work, going to class, class getting cancled, watching the towers fall live on TV in the lounge with over a hundread other students. Stunned, silently crying, and me wondering. Who is this Bin Ladden???

    • thank you for visiting my site. 911 has changed or touched us in so many ways. we all have such vivid memories of what happened that tragic day. we all are joined together by this it put the United back in the United States. don’t you think

  7. thank you for sharing yourstory of that day – so relieved that your brother in law was safe! I hope our country never forgets that day, the sacrifices, the bravery.

  8. Michael says:

    What a beautiful post. I was on my way to work listening to the radio when I first heard the news. I remember sitting in my car shocked. I wanted to drive home and call all my family.

    • Thank you MJ what a day that was. It is so vivid in my mind, my hubby and I chatted about it before I posted. He read it after. It was my first reveal to my family. His input was important in the post because it showed how we all united in some form. I will bnever forget. Thanks again for visiting,I enjoy your blog

  9. @candilandco says:

    Hi Cindee, Its me Candi from A day in Candiland. Now I know what my parents used to say when they remembered when JFK was shot. I remember going to take my kids to school when I heard the news, I don’t watch tv in the morning, so I hadn’t heard yet. I drove to school and just wondered what would happen in Los Angeles since we were so close. We had a great message in church this week for the anniversary and watched a video in remembrance.

    • Hi Candi thanks for visiting. It is so crazy how that day sticks out in our minds and we have trouble recalling what we cooked last week for dinner. My parents watched JKF endlessly I was little and it was my brothers Birthday. I sure recall that. We have moved on but never forget those feelings. I am sure we will have that memory forever in our heart.

      Thanks again I am glad we are friends

  10. I was home sick from college with mono. I remember being so confused when my mom came in to tell me what was going on b/c I was so drugged up. Great post #commenthour

    • Oh Leah it is crazy how we all remember the minute it happened, some how it untied us all through this, no matter age. My five year old grand kiddos were in a flag ceremony this year at school. When I asked them what it meant, they replied sweetly bad guys hurt our freinds and firemen, out of the mouth of innocent kids, thanks for reading I am a bit proud of that one. First one I shared with hubby, thanks

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