Wordless Wednesday

We love our piece of paradise check out those paw prints barrels have our gold fishies 20110824-085026.jpg

20110824-092044.jpg she loves her watermelon

20110824-092303.jpghoping to catch a fish or a frog in our creek

20110824-092513.jpgshe worked hard to make her shadow box


20110824-092747.jpgLil sis so many choices

20110824-093057.jpggood job she thinks it looked like a turtle

So much fun love the time we get to spend together.


About oursweetlifetogether

married to my high school sweet heart for 35 yrs, three children and nine grandchildren. hint child bride, we love our dog mollie. i enjoy cooking, the outdoors,crafts blahh blahh blahh.I love life. i guess that is why we live in a little canyon in the mts. i have a crazy life that i love. hold grab a glass enjoy the ride.
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9 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. great photo! Love he secret creek! #commenthour

    • The creek is so awesome. it runs between our homes. in the summer it is fun. the kids picked up rain boots to play in it. My dad built them a bridge. they call the island tom sawyers island. thanks for visiting. whats your favorite summer memory

  2. Tracey G says:

    You’re so fortunate to have your own beautiful ‘piece of paradise’; it’s clearly a great inspiration for the kids and their creativity.

    • we love it here. the birds wake us not sirens. if it is a siren i am concerned! our canyon has always the threat of brush fire, flooding in the rainy times, we were stuck this year. but the pros are the fun the kids have being kids. catching lizard, feeding the birds and enjoying nature. i taught pre k-school so i have a wealth of supplies and they love that too. thank you for visiting. i need to share my story on being flooded last winter. where is your paradise?

      • Tracey G says:

        At the top of the hill on which I live, there is a large nature reserve set in natural bushland, with walking trails and views over the city and the sea. We can walk there in ten minutes from our house. There are natural swamps fed by springs and filled with frogs. We see wildlife on our walks, especially if we visit near dusk. In summer the kids can’t go crashing through the undergrowth because there are venomous snakes at that time of year, but otherwise it’s a beautiful place.

  3. You have a personal creek? That’s amazing! Must be a wonderful place to be raising your kids!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

    • sara it is amazing. sometimes the kids are lucky enough to think they saw a fishy. hence the butterfly nets. those become useful for just about anything to rollie pollies. the grankidos love it and cry when going home. third from the youngest asked momma, (3 years old) so when are we gonna go back i need gma while dunking cookies. matter of fact. thanks for visitng my little blog watch us grow i have just begun. what would you do with a creek in your yard?.

  4. The turtle picture is so cute! What a great job!

  5. Caren they had a blast doing it. I have a craft box with fun stuff for them to use according to age. First time they got to use craft scissors. When mom came with girltourage# 3 and 4 # 3 decided to try to eat peanut turtle. Not happy big sis. We saved the day. Thanks for stopping by. visit again we managed to dodge a brush fire that shut down I-15. details to come, ended up good..

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