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I am not sure how many of you have done this. we jumped in the camper and hit the road. did we have reservation in the middle of summer? Heck no we had tickets to a concert in paso robles state fair. hubby got tickets to sugarland for fathers day. did I mention we live four hours away. the concert was the best we love them. last year we traveled murphys cali for that one.

here are some pics of our journey. It was awesome. visited family from paso to cambria. off to pismo beach then home.

Loved every minute no reservation worked out wonderfully. five days turned into ten. we also were on a tight budget. there is no price on making memories. those are priceless. i love that man been married almost 36 years dated for two.

What crazy off the moment trip have you done?









About oursweetlifetogether

married to my high school sweet heart for 35 yrs, three children and nine grandchildren. hint child bride, we love our dog mollie. i enjoy cooking, the outdoors,crafts blahh blahh blahh.I love life. i guess that is why we live in a little canyon in the mts. i have a crazy life that i love. hold grab a glass enjoy the ride.
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  1. Chasing Joy says:

    Nice Pictures. I am too much of a planner to just pick up and go with no reservations. But it does sound Freeing. Thanks for linking up with Flashback Friday on Chasing Joy. Link up everyfriday 🙂

  2. Thanks for visitng. We did have a blast never do that, well maybe before kids. Made memories is what life is about. I loved being able to pick my breakfast when visiting cousin.yummy. We saw Sugarland that night so tragic on stage colapse in Indy. That stage was huge we were close to it. prayers to victims and all the cast of concert.

  3. Lindsey says:

    I used to do those spontaneous trips all the time! We would heard out to Dallas a lot. Fun times! #commenthour

  4. Trish says:

    I love that!! We need to do that. With 3 little ones, we haven’t done anything like that in years.

    • It was so fun, if you have willing parents or siblings do it. even for the weekend. I took my hubby on a kidnap date, we flew to santa cruz, he had know idea where we were going even on the plan, someone was going that way took our luggage. he thought it was dinner. that was a great fun weekend, do it

  5. It is definitely a blessing being married for that long in today’s world of craziness. I guess you guys enjoy craziness in a different way.

    • i am so proud of the life we live, it is not always easy. this trip is what we needed. we hope to renew our vows soon. i am looking forward to planning that. we have so many friends we have shared our lives with. what year would you think is good for that.

  6. Lindsey says:

    We have a bunch of kids, which kind of prohibits spontaneous roadtrips. A camper is on my wishlist though – spending two weeks of hubs’ summer vacation going across the country sounds like a pretty cool idea.

    • Lindsey it was so fun. i would love to go cross country too. we had such a blast being together. we needed that. we did take the kids once overnight on a lets go camping trip. spur of the moment, stuff out of the fridge. fun time too. thanks for the love go for it do something fun with hubby and share with me!

  7. Awwww … I love the I love you photo. So sweet.

    It wasn’t so much unplanned as it was a long drive but we drove to Buffalo, NY to see the Goo Goo Dolls play.

    • Carol Anne it was what we needed to do runaway for awhile. Visiting familly was great, but Sugarland was the best. I am so sad at the that stage falling in indy. I follow them closely I understand how hard they took it. People lost lives, band lost equiptment and items they had made for that set. sad glad we got to be one of the last to see the set. thanks for the love i will be visiting your site soon.

  8. Erin says:

    Wonderful photos of your trip together! #CommentHour

    • Thank you Erin, I just got my phone before we took off so that was even a new but wonderful experince. My parents live with us so it was a time to run away for sometime alone. by the way your blog is lovely.

  9. Sarah says:

    My gentleman friend is trying to talk me into a camper…I’m still not quite sure, but your adventures look great!

    • Sarah it was so fun to be able to just go. we use a trailer and I really fell in love with the camper. lot easier to run when you wanted to. take a trip I think you will love it. then tell us where your went.

  10. I need to get me some spontaneity. No crazy, just because the time is right trips in my life. #comment hour

  11. I went to college in SLO… love the area down there! An RV is on our wish list. We’d love to go touring around the country with our 4 children. But they do make for not being able to do spontaneous long trips.

    • Caren i love it up there. people were really nice. the place has grown so. next time we are adding wine tasting to the trip. we took the kids on some long trips to the sierras every summer. our trick besides patience ha and maybe beer when we sat by the fire, we went with friends. our daughter took her three girls this year so they could start their memories. do it little by little.

  12. Beautiful pictures. Looks like you two enjoyed traveling to get there as much as the event! Sounds like a successful trip! :
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  13. careandfeedingofyourmillennialmonster says:

    Love your post! How awesome to just be able to take off and spend that kind of time together! I moved from CA to NJ 3 years ago, I was relocated by my company so not by choice, but to really celebrate that new adventure in our lives we drove cross country, my son, brother and I. We had a blast, stopping at the most unusual places we could find along the way. It was a trip I had wanted to do for many years, and hope to get to do again sometime soon!

    • wow what a challenge. my hubby has been cross country right out of high school. he said that watching the sun rise was the best, i hope we can do that together sometime. i thank you for stopping by. how do you like the east coast.

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