I have no words

I watched a service honoring a officer taken from his family. Michael Crain rest in peace. A family lost there daddy no more needs to be said! We are hoping they got the killer.
Hug your loved ones a bit tighter.


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Our New Adventure

Happy Holidays Everyone,

I am just letting you know, I happily found it, yep it was lost. I have been going crazy trying to figure it out. Oh where oh where has it been.

What is it you ask ME, I have been in an up roar with me. I am trying to kick off a new business all by myself. I know I can do it, I just need to relax and pace myself.

This madness started about when the computer went out. Yep out gone by by. My recipes, my life , pictures you get it. Ok that was a big glitch, but we ordered one thru hubs work and it was delayed, ok I can write labels a bit longer.

That was the beginning of crazy town around here. I felt like I was out of control. Hum you think. Every Friday I take my yummy soaps and handmade stuff to our farmers market, the night before up too late. rinse repeat !

Last week was my breaking point I looked around and thought what are my reasons for doing this?
1. Of Course be Martha Stewart a good thing right
2. Make tons of bucks
3. Enjoy doing it
4. Love sharing what I know

Well three and four must have been on vacation, I was not enjoying it . I love my husband he supports anything I do. He always let’s me spread my wings, but when he say NO! I don’t argue.

I took a break, I searched my soul and found me again:) yeah for me. I know I can still make products, I need to because I love it. I can open online shop, attend a few boutiques. That works for me.

Happy Holidays everyone take time to smell the tree, hot cocoa, fine wine and enjoy your life!

How do you enjoy your life!


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Hello everyone! I found my niche!!! ??

Hello blog world I have missed you and all my friends….

Here is the scoop on short. We are great in the land if Mayberry. The weather is outstanding. It is looking like a wonderful Mother’s Day.

I an getting ready to make the switch to self hosted because …. Drumroll please. I am planning a big step to my own web page business.

Panic, yep imagine a long long sigh and scream. Crazy huh well I hope not!
I am enjoying this and if it pays for it self, and I can enjoy the extra bucks on a an island I the caribbean. Dream big I say. Seriously I am enjoying it so what every way it goes only God knows.

When I am ready to relaunch. I will let you know!! It is all new to and my brain is so full of info. I feel I could blow at any time.

If you have any advise for me on switching to self hosted, tips on things I need to know, I have done alot or research, but double checks never hurt. Please leave me comments. Nicely but you guys are so sweet!

I hope you all enjoy this awesome day and honor your Mom. Without her I would not be me!


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This is a great blog I adore. Wonderful follow and enjoy. Enter her contest. Dreams do come true!

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This is such a great find I love reading your site

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Dreams come true Snow

They wished all day for it….






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In a second it can change

When I woke up my day went slow. Normal but slow tired but my mind was full of stuff. We had been to a great weekend with friends. NASCAR in Las Vegas fun!

Life is precious and so is driving I drove up the canyon yesterday not paying attention, and it happened!
A little gravel in the road and bam fishtail. It was the quickest two seconds of my life. I spun that puppy right around. No one was hurt. The car was fine. But in this short post I hope I help someone realize how important it is to focus. I get to enjoy another day.
Thank you Jesus for taking the wheel.

Ps I wrote a whole piece that disappeared . So if it shows up before I make it to my lap top sorry!




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